City of Woodburn – Fall Leaf Program

When: 8am – 4pm Monday – Saturday (Beginning October 24, 2022)

Where: 1084 Country Club Rd, Woodburn, 97071 (Water Treatment Facility)

The City of Woodburn is fortunate to have many trees, and for most of the year, we enjoy the many benefits those trees provide. Unfortunately, trees are living organisms need care and nurturing and with the autumn season, the maintenance burden of collection and disposal of fallen leaves. The City continues to provide residents assistance with the disposal of collected leaves through the Fall Leaf Program. The program is necessary because of the potential public safety risks associated with the accumulation of leaves on streets and sidewalks. 

Residents are reminded that fallen leaves behind the curb line belong to the property owner. Leaves falling in the street are the responsibility of the City to remove. The City recognizes that there is a great temptation to simply rake the leaves into the street for City crews to collect and dispose of. Please avoid this temptation, rake your leaves and dispose of them properly.

To assist property owners with the financial burden of disposing your leaves, the City will provide a leaf drop-off site for RESIDENTS ONLY. This drop-off site is NOT intended for commercial landscape service providers who have charged residents to collect and dispose of their leaves.

For more information regarding resident and business responsibilities regarding leaf collection and disposal, see City Ordinance #2225. Please remember that leaves can be composted and used in a sustainable manner to enrich your topsoil.

This program is for LEAVES ONLY. Do not mix tree branch clippings in. Violators are subject to fines.

Anyone with questions concerning the Woodburn Fall Leaf Program, please call 503-982-5240.

CRIME TIP: BE WARY OF IRS PHONE SCAM! The Woodburn Police Department has recently been made aware of a telephone scam circulating, just in time for tax preparation season.
The information comes from a local citizen, who is being called by someone claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service. Fortunately, the citizen was not fooled by the calls!
The scammer will attempt to obtain personal information and information about finances.
For more on this, click here.

“WOODBURN WATER” SCAM If Caller I.D. says “Woodburn Water” it is a scam. Residents have been calling the City of Woodburn indicating they have received a call from “Woodburn Water” and are being harassed.
The number that shows up on caller I.D. is 727-498-0504 and after investigating it has been determined to be a scam.
The City will not ever ask for personal information over the phone nor will we ask you for payment unless returning a call from a resident.
Anyone with questions about their water bill are encouraged to call the Finance Department at 503-982-5222.

GOVERNMENT AGENCIES DO NOT INSTRUCT PEOPLE TO PURCHASE GIFT CARDS – The Woodburn Police Department has recently seen an uptick in telephone scams involving iTunes gift cards. The scam artists have called victims in Woodburn and claimed to either be from the IRS or that the person has won a cash prize. In each case, the victims were directed to purchase iTunes gift cards and then give the gift card codes from the cards to the suspects over the phone.
The WPD cautions residents to not fall for this scam or other similar scams and to remind them that government agencies do not direct people to purchase gift cards. Those you get contacted or suspect a scam should hang up the phone and call the government agency themselves or their local police department.
The Woodburn Police Department also cautions citizens not to fall for anyone advising they are a prize winner where the “winner” has to pay money or make other purchases to redeem their prize.
Contact with the WPD at 503-982-2345 for more information.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED THROUGHOUT WOODBURN – Woodburn Library Individuals are needed to assist at the library as an aide pulling holds from paging lists, loading courier bins, shelf reading and more! Flexible volunteer schedule Monday-Saturday. The library is located at 280 Garfield Street in downtown Woodburn.

WOODBURN HISTORICAL MUSEUM – The museum is located at 455 N. Front Street in downtown Woodburn. Volunteers are needed to help with cataloging, scanning, documenting and giving tours. New projects of improving the building, working with documenting historical pieces and cleaning up the area are coming soon, so there are several projects on the list. In addition, volunteers will have opportunities to give tours, set up window displays, light cleaning at the museum or office duties.

A.W.A.R.E FOOD BANK – The food bank is located at 152 Arthur Street in downtown Woodburn. There are many opportunities to pack food boxes, organize food shelves and greet clients, as well as other assigned duties. The food bank is open Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to noon.

MEALS ON WHEELS (NW Senior & Disabilities) – Meals on Wheels is located at First Presbyterian Church at 950 N. Boones Ferry Road. Volunteers are needed for seniors who are unable to physically go to a grocery store and help provided them with a healthy, prepared meal. Meal preparations is needed Tuesday through Friday. Ongoing assistance is needed Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to noon. For more information, contact Beth at 503-981-3470.

WOODBURN AQUATIC CENTER – Located at 190 Oak Street in downtown Woodburn, the pool is looking for volunteers to garden, greet members, check-in pool guests and more. Days and hours are flexible. Contact 503-982-5288 for more information.

COMMUNITY SERVICES SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM. – Did you know scholarships are available for aquatic and recreation programs? Individuals or families needing financial assistance are welcome to apply at http://www.woodburnparks.org or receive an application in person at the Woodburn Aquatic Center, which is located at 190 Oak Street in Downtown Woodburn. Each year, over $10,000 in scholarships are awarded to those in need. Questions? Call 503-982-5266.


VOLUNTEERING IS GOOD FOR YOU! Volunteer, it’s good for you! Everyone knows that volunteering in your community is a good choice to make because you’re helping local nonprofits, helping individuals and families in need and making a difference in the community. But did you know it is also good for YOU? According to research by the Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS) a “strong relationship has been established between volunteering and health. Those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not volunteer. How can you take advantage of the health benefit that volunteering offers? By volunteering with the City through our department volunteer program, or the Marion County Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)! To contact Beth Faulhaber, the City’s volunteer and special projects manager, call 503-982-5388 or email beth.faulhaber@ci.woodburn.or.us for details.